Is that your real hair?” “What products do you use?”

These are questions I get asked often by friends, family and strangers followed usually by tugs at my hair to inspect if it’s really my own. Over the years I learnt to accept the probes and even grew numb to the tugs. The exciting bit is that today I can proudly answer and say I use my own product Frolific Curls. 

Frolific Curls is a nourishing hair care range, made from a combination of natural and organic ingredients. The key ingredients used for the range include avocado oil, shea butter and jojoba oil. These ingredients have great moisturizing, healing and nourishing benefits for hair which in turn promote healthy hair growth.


The name Frolific Curls suggests abundance or plentiful kinky curls, derived from the word “prolific”. 


Our goal is to help others achieve their hair goals, by helping them understand their natural texture while offering a simple hair care range to do just that.

Our philosophy is not a complicated one. To achieve your hair goals, keep things simple and do so naturally!

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